Here’s what I love about interviews:  they are dialogues.  Every author wants to have a conversation with readers on things that are important to both of them, and books fall short in capturing a true conversation.  When we read others, we often feel as if we’re engaging with the author, and in some respects we are.  But it still can’t compare to the moments when one heart and mind and soul intersects with another in an exchange of ideas.

These intersections are often interesting, sometimes less so, but always meaningful.  They are most meaningful when the conversations runs deep with thoughts of Him who made us with the ability to know one another.  After all, He means to know us deeply.

My hope is these radio and blog interviews would encourage you to engage with others in meaningful dialogue, but that most of all, you would find your greatest joy in conversation with your loving Father.


02.08.10 | Live From Seattle With Doug Bursch (Seattle – KGNW)

02.12.10 | The Noon Show with Carol Henry (Orlando – WKTO)

02.17.10 | ABQ Connect with Peter Benson (Albuquerque – KNKT)

02.18.10 | The Eric Hogue Show (Sacramento – KFIA)

02.19.10 | The Paul Edwards Show (Detroit – WLQV)

02.22.10 | Living the Word – With Glenn Mertz (No. Ohio – WHKW)

02.27.10 | The Pat Williams Show (Orlando – WTLN)

03.12.10 | The Candle with Monika Griffin (San Francisco – KNDL)

03.12.10 | The John and Kathy Show (Pittsburgh – WORD FM)

03.16.10 | Vocal Point with Lesley Hurst (Fort Lauderdale – WAFG)

03.19.10 | The Matter At Hand with Larry Weidman (Scranton – WGRC)

04.18.10 | Book Gems with Evelyn Purdy (Traverse City – WLJN)

04.19.10 | Northland Notebook with Ted Elm (Duluth – WWJC)

08.13.10 | Your Life Matters Steve and Jennifer Hodgson

The Morning Show with Jan Markowitz (Cleveland – WCRF) (Taped 2/10)

David and Russell in the Morning with David Lamb (Birmingham – WDJC) (Taped 2/19)

The Lighthouse Report with Steve Douglass, President of Campus Crusade (Syndicated) (Taped  2/25)

The Scott & Sam Morning Show (Seattle – KCMS)  (Taped 3/3)


02.06.10 | Jed Davis at 832 Ministries

02.08.10 | Aaron Armstrong at Blogging Theologically

05.10.10 | Renee Johnson at Devotional Diva