Day 5: The Christmas Word Game

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The English have the 12 days of Christmas in song.  The high churches have the 24 (ish) days of advent.  Here at Crave Something More, I’ll be writing a series called the “21 Days of CSM Christmas.”  Starting December 5 and finishing on Christmas Day, I will write once a day about all things Christmas, in the hopes that we will all continue to see Jesus as the greatest satisfaction to our soul’s deepest cravings.

Day 5:  The Christmas Word Game

What words or images do you associate with the Christmas story? Let’s make a list (here’s mine, in order, off the top of my head):

Bright star.

Dark blue sky.

Cool evening.

Angels in song.




Shepherd stick (staff, right, the crooked one?).

Dark streets in town.

Mary on a donkey (was she on a donkey?).

Wreath (??).


Mary in blue with a white sash.

Joseph in the dark (kinda obscured).


Baby Jesus (but just because I’ve felt guilty for not including Him so far).

So this is craziness.  I suspect much of my Christmas imagery comes from some movie I’ve seen or a sprawling imagination.  Some of these things aren’t in the Biblical accounts, and I’m not sure how the wreath made it into my mind.  But I do find it telling that the words I associate with Christmas do not quickly bring up the one Word the whole story is about.

John tells us beautifully:  “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

Question:  What words do you think of when you imagine the Christmas story?

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