Another Update In Thoughts

Published on May 18, 2011 by CT in Blog, Thoughts


These kinds of posts seem easier than explaining where I’ve been for 2 months.  Here is what I have been learning since we last connected.

  1. People that are connected to God are never bored in their lives.
  2. Pondering what God pondered as He considered creating the world is hard work.
  3. I tend to think that paying someone to work on our house gives me license to treat them with less grace than if I wasn’t paying them.
  4. Ditra is way easier to put down than Durock.
  5. The intensity of our fleshly desires always exceeds the satisfaction that comes in fulfilling those desires (Minter).
  6. I think I’m an infralapsarian.
  7. Painters don’t paint the tops of doors or window trim, unless you ask them…six times.
  8. God loves us through grace, and we love God through obedience.
  9. I prefer days when the amount of voluntary time in front of a screen is kept at a minimum.
  10. Feeding babies real food rather than milk or formula, um, changes things.
  11. Waiting until ______ happens in my life in order to start ______ is a dumb way to live.
  12. Debates about God’s sovereignty in salvation ultimately center on the question of what God values most.
  13. True thinking about God leads to truer worship of God.
  14. My advice on handling well the self-promotion involved in writing:  throw yourself in, and confess your sins as they come up.
  15. Duets like The Civil Wars are rare and exquisite.
  16. The Sleeve Monster seems to victimize people who listen to conservative talk radio more than others.
  17. Jesus is the means and the end of creation, redemption, and restoration.
  18. Teaching older men who know more about the Bible than me is surprisingly pleasing.
  19. Mother’s Day and birthdays and the like are great excuses to celebrate someone worth celebrating.
  20. We write to understand, and we publish to influence.
  21. All things, including blessing, others, discipline, evil, suffering, and persecution, work together for our good, for those who love God and are called according to His purpose, because they serve in conforming us to the image of Christ, so He might be firstborn among many brothers and preeminent over all things.
  22. Laying sod for a living must be incredibly hard work.
  23. Psalm 27:4 and Philippians 3:7-8 both essentially talk about wanting the same thing.
  24. If our end is not worship, then we study and think in vain.
  25. Each day with Jesus, Anna, and Avery gets better than the last.

Question:  What have you been learning recently?

  • lauradroege

    What have I been learning? How impatient and angry I can be. Not a pleasant lesson to learn.

    And yes, feeding babies real food definitely changes things (and leads to more unpleasant diaper changes.) But it's just one step closer to them being independent enough to feed themselves.
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