I Am God’s Gift To…

Published on March 16, 2011 by CT in Blog, Thoughts


I am God’s gift…

…not to women.

…not to writing.

…not to business.

…not to my family.

…not to the world.

…but to Jesus.  “I have manifested my name to the people whom you gave me out of the world.  Yours they were, and you gave them to me” (John 17:6).

Let this stunning truth grip your mind and settle into your heart.  It’s true to say that God gives us many gifts, and that our friends, or our family, or our co-workers are in one sense gifts from God for our enjoyment and our good.  But above all others, God gives us to Jesus.  Let the affections of your soul rise up at the thought of being a precious gift, given to Jesus, who loved us enough to lay down His life to gain us as His own.

Question:  What do think about being a gift God has given to Jesus?

*Thanks to Ray Shoaff for pointing out this verse and thought.

  • http://lauradroege.wordpress.com lauradroege

    I think most of us haven't thought about this reality. Maybe it's because we don't feel like a "gift", more like a burden, our hearts filled up with awful stuff, a burden that Christ groans over. ("Man, do I have to deal with that horrible Laura ONE MORE TIME?!") But truth is, he rejoices over us and loves us and delights in us. Amazing.
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    • http://cravesomethingmore.org Chris_Tomlinson

      Amazing indeed, Laura. I love the two pictures you painted–being a burden vs. being a delight!

  • http://www.bing.com/ Arry

    Thanks for sharing. Always good to find a real eepxrt.

  • samanthakrieger

    love, love this post. Thank you!

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