An Update in Thoughts

Published on November 10, 2010 by CT in Blog, Thoughts


Four weeks have passed since I last wrote. I suppose that is what new babies can sometimes do.  Here is what I have been learning since we last connected.

  1. Newborn babies are very small.
  2. Instant, God-like love doesn’t come to all new parents immediately; some need to fall in love with their kids.
  3. God is sovereign, even over cranky nurses.
  4. God-centered, strong relationships with family are a great blessing.
  5. Life challenges theology, and theology informs life.
  6. Cedar roots are softer than the trunk.
  7. There is wisdom in not changing a diaper too quickly.
  8. God will hound us in love until we relent.
  9. In the tension of our understanding of God that may seem to be at odds at times stretches the truth worth grasping.
  10. “When it comes to satisfying our spiritual appetites, there is no such thing as excess” (Storms).
  11. Language that helps today’s generation treasure Christ most deeply is of primary concern in a writing ministry.
  12. I suppose gazing into the face of Christ is the only joy greater than gazing into the face of a newborn daughter.
  13. I will read the Bible and pray over and sing to Avery years before she can understand me, so that somehow, God’s word will become the most natural thing to her.
  14. Moms should be revered as having one of life’s most noble roles.
  15. Meditation is not the emptying of the mind; it is the filling of the mind with thoughts of God.
  16. The prospect of yielding myself completely to God is both terrifying and appealing.
  17. My wife is a nurturing, caring, thoughtful, persistent, joy-filled, loving mom.
  18. Car seats are harder to figure out than they should be.
  19. I tend to think God changes me too quickly and others too slowly.
  20. God knows better than we do in how to deal with our kids’ sin.
  21. I’m not convinced that God’s foreknowledge invalidates the validity of his emotional responses to man’s sin.
  22. God’s word is truth, not simply true, because what God thinks and says defines what is truth, because His own nature defines truth.
  23. God’s word discerns the thoughts and intentions of the heart (Heb 4:12) so that we might recognize we are exposed to Him (v.13) and so that we will see our need for His mercy (v. 16).
  24. It takes a tender heart to give and to serve; it perhaps requires an even more tender to heart to receive and be served.
  25. God is good, faithful, patient, loving, merciful, wise, and completely in control.

Question:  What have you been learning recently?

  • jackdutch


    (Very happy for you. Being a dad will change you in so many ways.)
    My recent post In pursuit of piety

  • Debbie

    Prayed for you just this morning. (Or was it yesterday — 4:30 is far too early for me to be up and then I get confused…Well, I'm glad to know God is NEVER confused.) What a wonderful post. I'll be turning it over for quite awhile I think.

    Praying for all of you and for God's provision.

    • Chris_Tomlinson

      Thanks so much for your prayers. That really does mean a lot. I will always need them, so please keep interceding for me!

  • bethyada

    Enjoyed the list.

    I tend to think God changes me too quickly and others too slowly.



  • Chris_Tomlinson

    OK, here are a few nuggets. She's just like her mom–absolutely adorable. She raises her hands over her head when she wakes up, as in "Yay for me, I woke up!" She has the longest eyelashes in baby history. I secretly like it when she cries (but no too much) because her bottom lip will quiver after a while and it's pretty cute. She has big blue eyes, but I hear that's normal for newbies. And she loves getting changed.

  • Krista

    Chris, you are profound. Thank you for sharing and thanking God for using you to remind me (and/or introduce me) to these truths.
    (Blessing to the fam. You are a good hubby–I appreciate your recognition of your wife as mother and all that it encompasses.)