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Pause is a lost virtue these days, one I find fruitful but too often missing in my life.  And pause with reflection is even better.  Being creatures hurried along by time, we run the risk of failing to pause and reflect, to learn from ourselves and from others, and we live our lives in peril when we fail to remember.

We just passed the one year anniversary of Crave Something More, and as I reflect on the past year, I am deeply grateful to God for His faithfulness in my life.  To revisit blog posts or pictures or journal entries is to walk with warm memories.  I can remember feelings of elation or pain that stoked my writing fires on certain nights, or I can recall comments you wrote that touched me in ways you will never know this side of eternity.  These memories are good, and I am thankful you have been a part of them, in reading, in sharing, and in praying.

We tend to remember the events of our past as better than the originals, but there’s no great harm in that.  What does imperil us is our failure to see God’s working in us, through His grace, for our good, in both blessing and loss.  Without these times of reflection, whether daily, or monthly, or yearly, we trade a larger perspective for a smaller one.

As one means of reflection, I’ve pulled together several lists of posts from the past year that I hope will prove to be encouraging to you in your own journeys.  Perhaps there’s a post that you’ll want to revisit as you might an old friend, or there may be one you missed that nudges your heart even now.  So here they are:

Your Favorites (Most Read)

  1. Can We Overemphasize the Gospel?
  2. I Just Lost My Job, And God Is Good
  3. I Hate to Read…Well, Then, Here’s a Book
  4. He Didn’t Even Notice
  5. I’ve Given Up Everything For This

Your Favorites (Most Commented, Not Above)

  1. To Will Or Not To Will
  2. 7 Reasons To Not Care About Blog Traffic
  3. Unseen Fruit Of Obedience
  4. What Advice Would You Give New Parents?
  5. A Jew, A Muslim, An Agnostic, And Pizza

My Favorites

  1. Why The Cross Matters Most
  2. Dear Kayli Anneke
  3. I Am A Thief
  4. God Spoke To Me This Very Morning
  5. I Almost Sold My Integrity for $2.25

In all this, my hope is that Jesus is being proclaimed as the greatest satisfaction to our soul’s deepest cravings, because He is superior in every way to all else life can offer.  I hope and pray you are finding Him to be your all-satisfying treasure, and I look forward to many more occasions to delight in Him with you.

Question:  As you reflect on the last year of your own life, what do you see?

  • lauradroege

    What do I see in the past year of my life? A lot of lessons I've (almost) learned:

    I can't do everything myself.

    It's perfectly okay to ask for advice. (Say, about finding an agent! I was at a seminar with a Christian agent and I bemoaned the fact that so few Christian agents work in the general marketplace and the impossibility of figuring out who they were from Writer's Market's Guide. The agent looked at me. "You could just ask me, Laura." Oh. Duh. That would be easy, right?)

    I need to spend more time with my family and not ignore them in favor of writing. (I don't want my daughter to tell me again that "you never play with me!!")

    And many, many other lessons…
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    • Chris_Tomlinson

      Asking for advice is a good one. I don't ask for help well, but I'm trying to be more open to it. I think of it as being considerate of others (not burdening them), but I think it's actually more selfish than I realize (not humbling myself to be blessed by others). Great reminder on the writing too =)

  • Ray Hollenbach

    Congrats on your first year, Chris! I followed the link back to "God Spoke to Me This Very Morning" and was blessed to read it again.

    I trust the details of your life are falling into place, and pray God's richest blessings on you, your wife, and new child!
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    • Chris_Tomlinson

      Thanks, Ray.  I’m grateful you’re a part of this site as well with your faithful encouragements and insightful thoughts.  Thanks for your prayers as well!

  • Judy Dowell

    And what a year it has been!