When others’ words kindle my own flame:  Reflections on words by Jonathan Edwards and John Piper.

Mankind has said and written many things throughout the ages.  Some of it needs to be commended and retold throughout every generation so that others might benefit from the records of wisdom.  Some of it needs to be destroyed, or at least held aloft in public contempt so that others might not fall prey to its empty promises.

Here is some writing to be commended:

The Father is the deity subsisting in the prime, unoriginated and most absolute manner, or the deity in its direct existence.  The Son is the deity generated by God’s understanding, or having an idea of Himself and subsisting in that idea.  The Holy Ghost is the deity subsisting in act, or the divine essence flowing out and breathed forth in God’s infinite love to and delight in Himself.  And I believe the whole Divine essence does truly and distinctly subsist both in the Divine idea and Divine love, and that each of them are properly distinct persons (Edwards, Essay on the Trinity, 118).

John Piper repaints this picture in this way:

The Son of God is the eternal idea or image that God has of himself.  And the image that he has of himself is so perfect and so complete and so full as to be the living, personal reproduction (or begetting) of God the Father…namely God the Son…And between the Son and the Father there arises eternally an infinitely holy personal communion of love, [the Holy Spirit]…[Thus], the Son is the standing forth of God knowing himself perfectly, and the Spirit is the standing forth of God loving himself perfectly (Piper, God’s Passion for His Glory, 84).

Do you delight in the glories of these truths? Does the exploration of the mysteries of God awaken your heart for more of Him?

This is the end of theology and doctrine:  that God may be seen and savored, known and delighted in.  We see God in His Son, and we savor God by His Spirit.  This is stunning, and beautiful, and unequivocally vital to our understanding of God’s purpose and our own.

We study and listen to sermons and read books and go to Bible Study in vain if the inclination of our hearts and minds is not towards treasuring God more fully.  But treasuring God leads to spending ourselves on Him, and in turn, on others as well, where, in this spending, God Himself is glorified.

Question:  Why do you want more of God?

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