Feeling Dry?

Published on July 2, 2010 by CT in Blog, Thoughts


Ever feel spiritually dry? Bone dry?  Scorching hot desert heat dry?  I’m not sure I care much about my faith dry?  If you’re a writer, you won’t feel like writing.  If you’re a singer, you won’t feel like singing.  The joy isn’t there.  Neither is the fruit.

I’ve been a Christian long enough to know there are peaks and valleys, days in green pasture and days in the desert.  I also know the automatic solution to being in the desert isn’t always more prayer and more Scripture.  Drawing near to God comes with a promise in Scripture–that God will draw near to us.  But ours is not a push-button faith.

Even so, during these times of dryness, we have a life-giving Savior who invites us in, saying:

Abide in me.

Remain in me.

Keep believing in me.

Keep trusting me.

Keep treasuring me.

So we press on in the desert, thirsty for water that leads to life, knowing that He is close even as He seems far, that this is a season like other that will pass, and that He is worth the longest journey across the largest desert.

Question:  When have you been in a spiritual desert?