God Is…

Published on June 17, 2010 by CT in Blog, Theology


God is…

Sovereign, because all things hold together in Him.

Foremost, because all things exist for Him.

Supreme, because no gods or men compare to Him.

Above all things, because nothing exists apart from Him.

Majestic, because He reigns over all.

Glorious, because He is eminently worth celebrating.

Holy, because there is no impurity in Him.

Merciful, because He delights to forgive.

Just, because He esteems truth.

Personal, because He lives in His redeemed.

Infinite, because He cannot be contained.

Love, because it is the essence of His nature to love.

More than words can say.

Question:  Your turn.  God is…?

  • http://takingtheyoke.blogspot.com Ray Hollenbach

    Good – because he caused his goodness to pass before Moses when Moses wanted to see God's glory.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Mike_McArthur Mike_McArthur

    Gracious. The more I know of God and myself the more I trust in, utterly rely upon and praise Him for His grace.

    I will also make a plug for a favourite blog that relates well to this topic: God Is. Therefore… (http://godistherefore.com/)

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/lauradroege lauradroege

    Constant…He remains unchanged in a world where change is inevitable…

    Faithful…He makes promises and keeps them, always and forever. So in the midst of a world that is by turns scary and mesmerizing, crushing and exhilarating, volatile and violent, He remains at the center of it all, completely in control, completely faithful to keep His children safe.

    (Wow, Chris, this post made me think!)
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  • Name

    God is … Have you ever wondered why the author of language and speech didn't create a word to fully describe Himself?? Words fall short.

    • CT

      Your comment made me think of the name God shared with Moses: "I am who I am." I think you're right; words fall short. I suppose "God is love" is the closest thing we have. Thanks for your thoughts…

  • Dan Trabue

    God is…

    with us

    looking out for the least of these

    wanting us to do the same…