The State of My Union

Published on January 28, 2010 by CT in Blog, Thoughts


The state of my union is not that good. I don’t think you’re supposed to say that sort of thing, but it’s true, so I guess it’s worth saying.

I’m not talking about our country, which remains strong despite its many issues.  And I’m not talking about my marriage, which is still my greatest earthly delight.  The union I’m talking about is the union that matters most:  my union with Christ.

The struggle I face today is the cavern that exists between what I know and what I live.  I say that Jesus is the greatest satisfaction to our soul’s deepest cravings, and I believe this deeply.  But I’m not living in the embrace of this reality today.  There are just far too many concerns on my heart.  I tell myself this is simply a busy season of life, and this will all soon pass, and I’ll be able to reconnect with God once more before long.

But tomorrow is never the best day to commit to the Lord.  James wrote that we “do not know what tomorrow will bring,” and he’s right.  Today is always the best day to abide in Christ.

The state of my union is not Jesus’ fault—His faithfulness has never wavered.  I suppose I could get down on myself, working to summon the motivation to go and make our relationship right again.  But this kind of striving never produces lasting results.  I know that we’re supposed to work out our salvation, but it’s telling that Jesus’ teachings on the vine and the branch are that we should remain in Him.

Remaining means we were there in the first place.  “You did not choose me, but I chose you [to] go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide” (John 15:16).  Just as it is the vine which first produces the union with the branch, so too it is Christ who brings us to Himself as we first become new creations.  His command is to then remain in Him.  This is what I have been failing to do, and it’s something I’ve now confessed to God.

Whenever our nation’s leaders talk about the State of our Union, they generally express great resolve and optimism, no matter what the state of our country is in.  And despite the state of my union today, I also have great hope.  I don’t have this hope because of my own resolve.  I have this hope because of the greatness of my God.

God bless me, in spite of my wandering heart, for His glory.  And God bless you as well as you strengthen your union with Christ by remaining in Him today.

Question:  What is the state of your union?

  • Dennis

    Great post and an interesting question.

    The state of my union with Christ? Well it definitely could be better. I think I lost sight of what is important. Fortunately, as you point out, God blesses any way and He has patiently waited for me to stop for the sake of finding His priorities.

    • Chris_Tomlinson

      Amen. Right there with you brother…

  • @katdish

    Halfway through the book and I absolutely love how honest you come across. I read some blog posts of a confessional nature, "I am such a scum bag, and I don't deserve God's grace, yada, yada…" and in the back of my mind I'm thinking, "I see your angle. You're writing about how horrible you are so that everyone will leave comments about how awesome you are." And then I want to throw up in my mouth.

    But I don't get that from you. That's good. "Chris Tomlinson: He doesn't make me want to vomit." (feel free to use that.)

    • Chris_Tomlinson

      I wish the book wasn't already released so we could change out the endorsement on the cover. I guess we'll just have to hope for a 2nd printing.

  • Terrence Jackson

    My relationship often scares me, especially now. I went through pretty dark period where I was drinking a ton, and I even started to doubt the very existence of Him. I feel, though, that it is getting better, and I continuously pray for guidance and wisdom, and hope that he sees me through it all. I was an atheist for some time, and the best times of my life were when I had Jesus, so I don't want to lose sight of Him.

    I will pray that your words and inspirations are always inspired by His great love. We, as Christians, struggle to maintain our sanity in a world that believes us to be crazy. And knowing that He is right there with us should keep our heads somewhat clear.

  • Chris_Tomlinson

    The Gospel Coalition blog ran this post as well, and one of the readers brought up a pretty interesting point about the nature of our union with Christ vs our communion with Him. I think he made some valuable observations. If you're interested in digging deeper into this question, you can go to: