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Published on December 7, 2009 by CT in Blog, News



“I have so much pain that I’m just holding on to.  I try to get away but everywhere I go my problems always catch up.  I’m so lost in this world.  Why can’t someone save me?”

These thoughts came from the little pink journal of a young teenage girl sitting next to me on a plane.  How did I know what she had written?  That’s a great question, and there’s really no way to spin it, so I’ll just tell you that I was peeking.  I peeked a lot, and I saw a lot more of that journal session, and it was pretty dark.  And I ended up having a very interesting conversation with her at the end of the flight.

This week’s chapter is titled “Pager,” and it has the funniest story in the book.  So I hope you have fun reading it, but it’s also an important chapter for many of us because it talks about something every Christian experiences:  what to do when God calls.  In last week’s chapter (Silence), we talked about the struggle with being silent before God so we can hear His voice.  This week we’re talking about hearing His voice and then actually doing what He says.

If you’ve ever ignored God’s call, I think this chapter might encourage you.  You can go to the downloads page for more information, or you can download the chapter and watch the chapter video below.

Books are best experienced by the writer and the reader in community, so I would love to hear your thoughts about what you’ve read in this chapter.  You can share any comments or stories in the comments section below.  You can also send this chapter to friends or family using the email, Facebook, Twitter, and other icons at the end of this post.

May God grant us the grace to respond to the call of His Spirit, not out of obligation, but out of a desire to know Him.

Resting With You In the Closeness of His Spirit,


Pager (from Crave: Wanting So Much More From God) from Chris Tomlinson on Vimeo.

  • Mike

    I just read your Pager chapter, brilliantly written – I couldn’t stop reading, it felt like I was peeking at Chloe’s journal too. Unfortunately it seems all too common for us all that even the needs that we do actually understand and have the resources to help, like being friendly to a lonely hurting person, are often the very ones that we resist and walk away from, with God yelling at me all the while as I walk on.

    I know a song which uses the line “the radio is blaring but the speaker has come unstuck, I’m screaming inside” and I think it captures the feeling a lot of people in our society carry around. My ignoring of this has the effect of turning down the volume on the pager (quenching the Spirit).

    Thank you for your encouraging book.

    • CT

      Thank you for the encouragement, Mike. And for sharing your thoughts. It seems like small decisions of obedience lead to more obedience, and small decisions of disobedience lead to more disobedience. It’s hard to reverse the trend when we’re heading down the wrong path. But then God’s grace comes =).