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This week’s free chapter download is titled Silence, and it’s a chapter I need to read again myself.  When I lived the story in this chapter, it was a season of discovery—of trying to find a place to be silent before God so that I can hear His voice.  My goal was to improve my conversation with Him, because when we’d spoken, I had pretty much done all the talking.  But I haven’t been listening for a while now.

Looking back, I can understand why being silent is so hard.  On the one hand, there’s the fear of what we might hear in the silence, whether it’s from God or from Satan or from ourselves.  On the other hand, there’s the fear we might not hear anything at all, which can sometimes seem even worse.

If you find yourself needing to hear from God, I think this chapter might encourage you.  You can go to the downloads page for more information, or you can download the chapter and watch the chapter video below.

Books are best experienced by the writer and the reader in community, so I would love to hear your thoughts about what you’ve read in this chapter.  You can share any comments or stories in the comments section below.  You can also send this chapter to friends or family using the email, Facebook, Twitter, and other icons at the end of this post.

May God grant us the grace to hear from Him in the silence. I hope you are inspired by what you read to find a place to be silent with your Father, and that the conversation that ensues will be for your joy.

Listening With You For His Still Voice,


Silence (from Crave: Wanting So Much More From God) from Chris Tomlinson on Vimeo.

  • kshea

    I appreciate your honesty while writing this chapter. I was encouraged to know that I am not alone in my struggle to converse with God. My biggest problem has always been being silent and listening mainly because I fear those things He might ask me to do that I might not be so comfortable doing. I love Jesus and desire for Him to help me take all He's given me and brought me through to be a tool of help for others. I know He builds His Kingdom through those whom He takes from their comfort zones. He has shown me that in the past 8 weeks especially. I, as stated in this chapter, have been making the whole silent thing way too hard, and I need not be afraid of anything.