Dear Kayli Anneke

Published on November 24, 2009 by CT in Blog, News


Kayli Anneke

Dear Kayli Anneke,

Since the internet will last forever, I feel comfortable putting this letter online, knowing you will read it someday.  Perhaps someday very soon, since you’ll be growing up in Cambridge, England, and everyone knows kids from Cambridge typically write their first thesis by age six.

I’ve never had a niece or nephew before, so I’m new to being an uncle.  Thank you for the honor you’ve given to me just by breathing.  Your Aunt Anna and I love you already, and we haven’t even met you.  But we’re coming to see you in about three weeks, and we’re very excited to meet you and have you throw up on us and that sort of thing.

I want you to know we’ve been praying for you for a while now.  Your mom is a Type-1 Diabetic, and she worked very hard last year maintaining her diet and sugar intake so you could be conceived in relative safety.  I’m pretty sure God was involved in making that happen too, but your mom did a great job caring for you before you even came into being.  And your brilliant dad has been waiting eagerly and prayerfully for your arrival.

You don’t know this yet, and you probably won’t realize it for many years, but you are already blessed beyond measure.  You were created in the image of God, who also made the whole universe, so He’s a pretty big deal.  He’s an amazing Father, Savior, and Helper, and your beauty bears some of His glory already.  You also have truly wonderful parents, and you will be the envy of your friends for years to come.  Your mom will teach you to laugh loudly and to keep a very full schedule, and she will also pour a passion for Jesus and compassion for others into your little soul.  Your dad will probably give you shin guards by your second birthday and will show you how to build structurally sound arches with legos, and he will also teach you to be a deeply grounded woman who loves people and loves God.

Your mom and dad will surely tell you this, but your name Kayli Anneke means Crown and Grace.  Your parents will probably tell you that Crown means you’re the princess of the home, and rightly so, for such beauty deserves no lesser title.  But I think your name Kayli also points to the King of Kings, and your name Anneke points to what this great King is like.  In fact, the crown He wore at Calvary sparkled with the jewels of blood He shed for people just like you and me.

So we are praying that you will meet this King as soon as possible.  We’re asking God to give you His grace so you might know that you are His and He is yours.  Choose Jesus, for the sake of His glory and your joy, so we can hang out together for eternity.

With Great Affection,

Your Uncle CT

  • Samantha

    Very sweet letter here Chris. I found your blog on Anne Jackson’s through a comment. I love when bloggers write letters to their kids/nieces, etc. I have a few on mine that I need to print out before they get lost!

    God Bless.

  • Auntie Annie (AKA “Aunt Anna”)

    I’v decided to name myself Auntie Annie. I think Kayli will think I am cooler that way.