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This week’s free chapter download is titled Comfort, and it’s the story of my realization that I am a comfortable Christian–and how much I hate being one.  When you come to realize this about yourself, there are many ways to react, and one of them is to go and do something risky for Jesus.  So this is what I did.

And there’s good cause for taking risks for Christ–He told us to pick up our crosses and follow Him.  But I think there’s something deeper going on that just charging the hill for righteousness’ sake.  There’s something God means to teach us about our hearts, about why we choose to step out in faith for Him, and it has nothing to do with summoning our own courage.

If you find your faith has become a little too comfortable, then this chapter may be an encouragement to you.  You can go to the downloads page for more information, or you can download the chapter and watch the chapter video below.

Books are best experienced by the writer and the reader in community, so I would love to hear your thoughts about what you’ve read in this chapter.  You can share any comments or stories in the comments section below.  You can also send this chapter to friends or family using the email, Facebook, Twitter, and other icons at the end of this post.

May God grant us the grace to value Christ over comfort. I hope you are built up by what you read and that your faith will be rooted in the knowledge that apart from Him, we can do nothing–including picking up our own crosses to follow Him.

In Pursuit of the Comfort of the Cross,


Comfort (from Crave: Wanting So Much More of God) from Chris Tomlinson on Vimeo.

  • DH

    Amen, Chris! Service to God is not equal to being with God! Way to present the good news of grace and our response in experiencing it!