In The Beginning

Published on October 15, 2009 by CT in Blog, Poetry


In The Beginning

A meditation in poem on John 1:1

Our lives are governed by countless seconds
That form into minutes which bleed into hours
That move into days and weeks and months
And years that speed quickly downhill
So that time becomes like gravity on our lives.

We fight against time with hopes and dreams
And all manner of science and striving,
But the fountain of youth has run dry,
Because there was never a fountain to begin with;
Only time ticking quickly in an empty well.

Were we to climb aboard these seconds
Like a ship and turn their bow to the east,
To travel back against the current of time
And make headway against the headwind of ages,
We would come to the horizon where time first flowed
Like a river filled by an explosion of water,
Bursting at its banks by the sheer power and force
Of a spring which has no limit to its depth.

But our ship would sail no more,
As the winds which had carried time for countless generations
Found the limit to their strength at time’s edge.
So we would rest at this precipice, oars to the water,
Unable to go further but unwilling to drift back to the west.

The veil we would stare into for night and day,
Though night and day would become only now,
Would not reveal what lay just beyond
In the outer reaches of everything there was
Before time began.

We would search in vain with our eyes
For a glimpse of anything outside of time
And beat our breasts in misery at the gnawing question
That lay on our hearts and our tongues:
Where does the beginning begin?

As we bowed our heads, crying tears of acceptance
That we had traveled as far as time would allow,
A voice would come softly through the veil
And dry our tears with the sweetness of its sound:
“I was there at the beginning.”

“Who are you, my Lord,” we might say,
Not intending deity but knowing no other title
To befit such a voice as this.
And silence would wait with us in anticipation to hear:
“I am the eternal Word.”

“I was there before the beginning,
When the love I shared with the Father
Was deep enough to be shared with the Spirit
That always existed between us,
And time never ticked as we enjoyed one another.”

“I was there at the beginning before words were spoken,
Then burst forth in light and glorious speed
When the Father’s mouth first took form
To say to nothing, ‘Become everything’
And nothing obeyed and did our bidding.”

“I was there at your beginning,
Which began well before you began
As I hung on the cross in the mind of the Father
With you in mind, to bring you to us
To share in the love we’ve always had.”

“And I will be there at the beginning
Of the real beginning we will share,
Enjoying the fullness of joy that will come
As you bask in the glory of my presence,
And time will be no more; only love.”