Are You Ready For Some Football?

Published on October 10, 2009 by CT in Blog, Thoughts


Are You Ready For Some Football?

This may be a post that I pull down later. Or maybe it will strike a chord.  I guess we’ll see.

I just scanned my Facebook and Twitter accounts, and I noticed scores and scores of posts about football.  It must be Saturday in the fall.  It’s good to see college pride extending 5 years, 10 years, 20 years.  And I can relate—I have a great affinity for my college (Air Force Academy), although I can’t say it’s because of football.  Football is great.  It brings people together, it provides athletes with a place to use their talents, it provides jobs for thousands of people.

But I wonder if there’s a danger here too.  Not just with football, but with anything that captures our time and energy and excitement week after week.

I suppose part of the question is about our identity.  We think of ourselves as teachers, or engineers, or writers, or stay-at-home moms, or whatever it may be.  And maybe part of how we see ourselves is as an Ohio State fan, or a USC fan, or a UT fan, or a Texas fan, or an Air Force fan.  And it’s good and fine to be a fan.

But there’s some danger in misplaced identity.  Identity breeds purpose, and purpose gives way to priorities, and priorities guide our use of time.  Which is short, and a gift, and meant to be used in ways that shock our imagination and awaken wonder within us, as well as in ways that quietly evidence a life on a mission.

However we see ourselves, our greatest identity is in Jesus. God is making us into the image of Christ.  We are His beloved, His chosen, His sheep, His friends, His brothers and sisters.  I guess I would ask myself this question, and you as well if you think it fits:  what does my heart say about my identity, and what does my use of time say about my identity?

At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with watching football or pulling for your team, so long as you don’t love it more than Jesus.

  • iZZy

    I think i understand your thought here. I might add my thoughts on what an identity in Christ is? That just as we might identify with some of our favorite hobbies and sports teams, our identity must reflect our faith. For me it might shape up like this. I’m a Christian, so my identity is hopefully someone who is caring, loving, forgiving, someone who seeks peace, and hopes to make the world and the lives of those around me a step closer to God’s kingdom everyday. Hope that i’m part of helping us grow closer to God and his kingdom instead of being a stumbling block or a deterent towards it.
    Just like i love to root on and be passionate about my teams (DA BEARS) I’m also trying to passionate about my faith and it’s action in my day to day life. And i hope that others that are fans of Jesus will chat and discuss and root each other on in our weekly matchups.
    Keep the Faith.

    • CT

      Good thoughts, Izzy. Sorry about da Bears this year, but we always have our deeper identity to keep us going. Love the idea of weekly matchups–thanks for sharing…