Sistine Tornado

Published on October 4, 2009 by CT in Blog, Thoughts


Sistine Tornado

There’s this beautiful video I have seen of a tornado swirling in a violent dance of wind and dust and shadows, and this scene is backlight by towering clouds rising into the air with beams of light bursting through small holes in the clouds.  The tornado spins and bows to the sound of an unheard chorus that is drowned out by the thundering noise it creates as it rumbles through the sky.  Undoubtedly, it is wreaking havoc on the earth wherever it draws near, but from the safety of distance, it appears peaceful, even graceful.

The funnel twirls and dances on and on, but eventually it tires, and as it readies to exit the stage, there’s this moment where its shape begins to change.  Not into a single form, but into two forms connected in a narrow middle.  As the music fades, the video slows to show two fingers, one from above and one from below, grasping tightly to one another.  And then they break from one another, the lower form drifting quietly into the darkness below and the upper form pulling softly into the clouds above.

If you have seen the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, you will know what this pictures looks like.  This funnel is like the hand of God and the hand of man, so very close but yet so far.

Seeing this makes me wonder about Adam’s sin, about the moment Adam and Eve first broke hands with their God.  They must not have fully known the consequences of what they were about to do, for surely they would have thought better of it.  But the fruit of that tree required two hands to take, and so they let go of God’s hand which sealed their fate.  They, like the lower finger of this funnel, fell to earth, a mere shadow of their former glory, and the hand of God withdrew to the heavens.

But the Son shined on in the distance, as God made a sacrifice to clothe their nakedness and promised a coming seed who would conquer the enemy of their soul.  So this is where we live, in separation from the imminence of our God but restored by the light of His Son, eagerly awaiting the day we will rejoin Him in the heavens and renew our dance once more.