As Iron Sharpens Iron

Published on October 4, 2009 by CT in Blog, Poetry


As Iron Sharpens Iron

A meditation in poem on Proverbs 27:17

How hot the flame that first applied
It’s heat to lifeless elements,
Drawn from the ground and made alive
With power that was heaven sent.

As ore gave way to molten flow,
And iron rivers slowly cooled,
So rods that soon began to grow
Were fashioned into useful tools

To serve a cause t’was not their own,
But something larger than they knew,
And in this they were not alone
Yet acted like the chosen few.

Their own wisdom they did applaud
And boasted in their steely might,
Til they engaged another rod
And boasting turned its fists to fight.

They did not know their own weakness
And did not realize deep within
Were impurities that made them less
Useful in their Maker’s hand.

Yet not out of His control were
They ever for a moment’s pause,
For wielding them was His pleasure,
So edges rough would soften as

He brought them near to others like
Themselves, so heat inside would rise
And rid their core from impurity,
Which made them stronger in His eyes.

So was the Master Smelter’s plan:
His Spirit’s flame did first bring life
And continued burning from within
To sharpen His iron through holy strife.